House Rules and Regulations

The following Rules and Regulations have been established in order to provide guidelines for tenant occupancy and conduct for those individuals residing at the “Residences”. These “Rules and Regulations” may be revised at any time by Management without prior notice to Residents. The most current copy of these Rules and Regulations can be obtained from the Utah Olympic Park’s (UOP’s) Lodging Operations Manager.


It is the intent of the UOP to assist all persons within the requirements of all Federal, State and Fair Housing laws, rules and guidelines. It is further the intent of the UOP to assist with requests for reasonable accommodations pursuant to Federal and State laws regarding accessibility for the disabled.


Antennas for radio, television, satellite communications, shortwave, or any other purpose may not be placed or erected on the roof, balcony or the exterior of the building. Amateur radio operators are also prohibited from transmitting in or around the Residences. The usage of portable communication devices, listening devices, and video devices may also be restricted by Management.


Residents shall not store or hang clothing, signs, banners, or other household items on the railings of any balcony.

Only appropriate and pre-approved patio furniture is allowed. No storage containers or storage boxes are allowed on the balcony.

Candles, open flames, fire pits and charcoal/propane grills of any kind are not allowed on the balcony. Please keep your balcony and the exterior of your Residence clean at all times.

Residences staff reserves the right to require Residents to remove items which Management, at its sole discretion, deems to be inappropriate or detracts from the appearance of the community.

Common Area Rules and Hours of Operation

This community offers a number of recreational amenities and opportunities in and around the UOP. Many of these facilities are open to the public. All facilities have reasonable safety rules and precautions. However, Residents, occupants and guests using the UOP’s recreational facilities do so at their own risk. Residents agree to comply with said posted rules and regulations regarding all public and common area amenities.

  • Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests when they are visiting.
  • Consumption of alcohol will not be permitted in the common areas. Open containers of alcoholic beverages in hallways and common areas is prohibited.
  • Common area amenities are for the use of Management and Residents for entertainment, team gatherings and social purposes only. Common areas shall not be used for business, commercial or industrial purposes.
  • Occupancy of Common Areas may not exceed the allowable occupancy as determined by the Fire Marshall.
  • Residents must clean up after themselves and use appropriate trash receptacles when using any common area.
  • No waxing, tuning, or other preparation work to equipment may be done in common areas.
  • The common areas shall remain open and be available for use from 7:00am to 10:00pm. If you wish to use one of the common areas in the Residences for a meeting or team gathering you must reserve that space with Cassie Revelli, the Lodging Operation’s Manager by email at or by contacting her on-site.

Kitchen Use

  • There is a common area kitchen located on the first floor of the Residences. This common area kitchen is available to all Residents residing in the building.
  • Each Resident is responsible for cleaning up after themselves, disposing of trash and cleaning up dishes and silverware, glassware etc. resulting from the use of the facility.
  • Be respectful of others and treat the facilities properly and appropriately. If you find that something in the kitchen is not operating properly please report the malfunction to Management.


  • The Premises are sound conditioned but not sound proof. Loud noises will carry from Residence to Residence. Noise levels should be monitored to ensure that all Residents are able to experience quiet enjoyment in their Residence and the surrounding common areas.
  • Residents (or their guests) who cause excessive noise problems, as determined solely in the opinion of Management, may be subject to a fine and if noise issues continue may be subject to eviction.
  • Residents must not allow gatherings or parties to affect the quiet enjoyment of other Residents.


The Residences at Utah Olympic Park is a non-smoking & vaping facility including the use of e-cigarettes. The Resident agrees that they will not smoke in their Residence or anywhere on the Premises. Premises includes all areas controlled by the Owner of the property including but not limited to common areas, parking lots, sidewalks, hallways, balconies, stairs and other areas owned by Owner. This prohibition includes Resident, his/her guests, occupants and invitees. Violation of this provision will result in the imposition of a smoking fee and is grounds for eviction. Paying a fine will not entitle Resident to have continual benefit of smoking.


Residents are allowed to have two (2) vehicles parked in the Residence’s parking lots. Vehicles include automobiles, motorcycles and other vehicles licensed for road use. Residents may not park motorboats, sailboats, travel trailers, motorhomes or other vehicles in the Resident’s parking lots. All vehicles must have a current registration and be in working order. Residents must register their vehicle with the Manager and obtain a parking permit. Any unauthorized vehicle, without an appropriate parking permit will be towed at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.

Pet Policy

No dogs, cats, or any other animals or pets are permitted in any Residence or in any other part of the community without written permission from Management with the exception of service animals.

Service and Support Animal Guidelines

  • Service and Support animals as defined by the ADA, are allowed in the Residences when they are serving an individual with a disability. 
  • Service and Support animals in transit and/or in interior common spaces are to be carried, restrained by a leash, or placed in an animal carrier.
  • Persons who walk service and support animals are responsible for immediately cleaning up and appropriately disposing of any pet waste deposited by the tenant’s pet on the common grounds, shrubs, flower beds, sidewalks, accessways, parking lots and streets of the property.   Please discard waste in the trash dumpster in the parking lot.

Prohibited Activities

  • No disruptive, offensive or illegal activity shall be conducted on or about any part of the Premises.
  • No activities shall be conducted on or about any part of the Premises which are unsafe or may become unsafe or hazardous to any person or part of the property.
  • No fireworks of any kind are permitted on or around the Premises.
  • No fires, open flame candles, hookah or incense is allowed at any time.
  • Do not prop any doors or ingress/egress areas open or leave them unattended at any time.

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. Noise levels are to be kept at a minimum during this time period.

Residences and the Surrounding Community

No modifications or alterations may be made to the Premises without written permission from Management. Residents may not paint, change locks, wallpaper, hang wall shelving, add lighting, or other electrical devices (other than those that plug into existing outlets), repair fixtures, or other items owned by the owner of the Residences, apply glass/window stickers or adhesive shelf/drawer liners, nor make any other alteration to any of the UOP’s property. Any such alterations or modifications will be considered a breach of the lease agreement and may subject Resident to eviction. In all such cases, in addition to any other remedy, Resident will be obligated to reimburse Owner for all costs to return the Premises to the condition that existed prior to Resident’s alterations.

  • The UOP is not responsible for lost or damage to the personal property of athletes, coaches, officials, guests, or residents on site. UOP Risk Management Team recommends the purchase of tenant or renters insurance by individuals residing on site.
  • Small sports equipment may be kept in units, however no waxing, tuning, or other preparation work to equipment may be done in units or common areas.
  • The display of signs, billboards, posters, flags, etc. in the windows or balconies is prohibited
  • Bikes are not to be stored on balconies or in common areas. Storage units available for rent upon request.
  • No live Christmas trees are permitted in the Residences. Artificial trees only.
  • Apartments shall be kept clean and sanitary by Resident. Garbage and Trash shall be disposed of only in appropriate receptacles.
  • No combustible materials shall be stored on or about the Premises.
  • Resident shall be liable to Owner for damage caused by Resident, their guests or other occupants.
  • Sidewalk, steps, entryways, hallways, and stairs shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress/egress.
  • All Premises and other areas which are reserved for Resident’s private use shall be kept clean and in sanitary condition by Resident.

Safe Sport Requirements and Policy

  • Utah Olympic Park and the Residences at Utah Olympic Park are committed to the safety of athletes as well as their physical, emotional, and social development and to ensure that athletes can participate in sport in an environment free from misconduct.
  • All Residents are required to be safe sport certified and requires residents to refrain from all forms of misconduct, which include without limitations:
  • All forms of sexual misconduct, including child sexual abuse
    • Emotional misconduct
    • Physical misconduct
    • Bullying
    • Harassment
    • Hazing
  • Residents are required to report violations of Safe Sport and suspicions or allegations of child physical or sexual abuse.

* For additional information concerning Safe Sport, please visit

Safety/Security and Locks

  • Residents should keep their entry doors and balcony doors locked whenever possible.
  • Residents should keep all entry and exit doors closed and not to be propped open.
  • Residents may not change locks or have locks re-keyed without Management’s approval.
  • If a Resident observes suspicious or illegal activity or feels threatened they should call the police by dialing 911.
  • Lock-outs after hours that requires a staff member to respond shall be subject to a $30 fee.
  • Lost or Replacement Resident key fobs shall be subject to a $30 fee.


Soliciting within the Residences is strictly prohibited. Residents should notify Management of any solicitors on premises.

Storage of Recreational Equipment

Storage of bikes, sleds, skis and other related athletic equipment is not to be left in the common areas and should be secured.


  • Trash should be taken to the trash receptacle located on the north side of the lower parking lot.
  • Recyclable materials should be taken to the recycling container located on the north side of the lower parking lot.
  • No trash or recyclable materials are to be left in hallways or any common area.